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Foundation collaborates with churches around Bristol to organise and host Friendly Stage events, which bring together performers, artists, local community leaders and charities, and which engage with faith, arts and justice. 


A typical Friendly Stage event might be located in a church, and see performances in the evening from musicians or poets, together with a presentation by a local charity. Any money raised on that evening would then go directly to support that charity. 


A Friendly Stage event may also include exhibitions of photography or other artwork, or perhaps provide a stage for talks given by local community leaders. In all of these things, it aims to create a place where faith, arts and justice overlap and which may enrich the life of local churches and communities.


If you would like to be involved with the Friendly Stage or learn more, contact Iain McColl at or see the friendly stage website.


emerging church bristol

Dancer Natasha Fewings: Installation Jane Lee: Photo by Chris Dobson

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