We meet for our Sunday evening service at 7.30pm as a congregation of Cotham Parish Church in Cotham, Bristol. The monthly pattern of worship is Rest, Create, Table, [Rest] and Last Sunday. The service is followed by a drink and conversation. We will be doing this virtually during the coronavirus epidemic, and we'll post the link to join the service here. How we run the different services will be imagined and refined as we go forward and any ideas you may have are very welcome.


Daily prayer

In these strange ti​mes, establishing a rhythm of prayerful existence is really important. We will be praying together, sometimes through video conference software and sometimes in our own homes, knowing that others in the community will be praying.

From Monday 23rd March until these strange times are over:

At 9am each morning (Monday-Friday) 

we invite you to pray the Jim Cotter version of the Lord's prayer together. This will not be streamed but we can still all pray in the knowledge that others are also praying. The text of the prayer is in the slideshow opposite.

At 6pm each Friday

we invite you to join us in singing a few taize chants. You can either appear virtually and see and/or hear others singing and playing or simply play and sing the chant in your own home knowing others are also doing so. We will sing each chant 20 times each evening. To find out how to join the chanting on Zoom, click here.

WhatsApp prayer group

Foundation also have a WhatsApp prayer​ group. You can join via this link or text your name to Ruth Edmonds on 07710 497395 to be added to the group. If you would rather receive prayer updates by email or text message please text or email Ruth on the number above or at ruthjedmonds@gmail.com.

A re:imagined examens

We are publishing regular re-imagined prayer to help people pray through and process their feelings during this time of disruption. They are available here and focuses on the feelings you may have at the prospect of the start of this period of social isolation.