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Thirty Birds by Naomi Millner and Ruth Gordon - music and spoken word

For this week's reflection I would like to share with you Thirty Birds, a spoken word / musical collaboration by storyteller (and Foundation member) Naomi Millner and musician Ruth Gordon. Lasting just over 20 minutes, it is a magical and transporting work which Naomi and Ruth created in 2016.

Thirty Birds is a free adaptation of the Sufi tale "The Conference of the Birds" by Farid Ud-Din Attar. The "Simurgh" is an Iranian benevolent mythical flying creature. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as the Griffin, or Phoenix. In Persian, "Simurgh" also means "Thirty Birds" from Si (thirty) and Murgh (birds).

Words and narration are provided by Naomi. Music is written and performed by Ruth (featuring on banjo, clarinet, flute, cello, vocals and found sounds).

For me this is an imaginative parable, born in a distant time and place, which provides a peaceful voyage away from our current troubles - and implicitly a reminder that "these, too, will pass". I suggest finding a quiet, comfortable spot, with some headphones or a good speaker, and settling in for the journey.

The above image is the sleeve art from Thirty Birds.

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